Anderson Ranch Editions: RED SUN series
“The intersection of painting and photography is at the heart of this series. Working with a pared down method, each image was photographed prior to the start of the Printmaking process. Throughout the development and collaboration with Anderson Ranch, we explored a variety of narrative ideas; the fragility of existence and idiosyncratic actions informed by issues of the environment. We intentionally photographed each scene in a minimal space to offer ourselves room for textural printmaking qualities, in addition to subtle backgrounds and the eventual colored ink plates.
We think of the red ink as a visual intervention within our imagery.
Red is used in each image to evoke metaphoric narrative elements such as heat, border, blood and deluge, creating a tension and precarious interaction between the gritty black and white image and the bold color.  We appreciated the opportunity
to work with Brian Shure to create these prints and we thank the
Ranch for inviting us to participate in this residency.”
A portion of the sale of these prints supports ongoing
Programming at Anderson Ranch Art Center.
To inquire about purchasing these prints please
Contact: Meriwether McCorley at:
or you are welcome to contact the ParkeHarrisons at: